Scuba Steve

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Scuba Steve started out as many new DJ’s do – getting trained up so that his real DJ friends could take a break and go get hammered. After successfully door-whoring a number of Edinburgh club nights, he got his first bite of vinyl in 2006 at Booty, a popular disco, funk and soul club night in a venue that looked more 1001 Arabian nights than Studio 54…

From there he made if not a name then at least a passing mention of himself all over the city, playing by various guises on both the city’s well established gay scene, and the equally wild student scene.

In 2013 he escaped to Utila where he continued to play some of the biggest party nights on the island. A long time nay sayer to electronic music, on one fateful night at Sunjam 2015 he discovered a place where Techno and his roots in Funk and Soul could meet, and a new passion was born.

It was in Honduras that a chance meeting in a hostel introduced him to Cassandria Daiva, and the Utila Sound Society gained a new devotee!


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